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Azad Khan

I am Azad, I’m the man behind Growwpedia. I’m a Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and SEO Expert.


Also, I’m a student doing my B Tech in Computer Science from the University of Mumbai.


My blog Growwpedia has helped many students to choose the right career option for them and in addition, they keep getting lots of tremendous educational knowledge through my blogs.


In addition to the educational blog, I keep on posting about incredible secret ways to earn money online, So that even a school going boy can find out the potential to earn from the Internet.


As I’m a professional blogger and SEO expert too! So here you will get to see a lot of advanced level blogs on Blogging and SEO tips, Which will help you in your blogging career if you are a passionate blogger or want to become a blogger.


Below are some of the best handpicked for you!

As a Digital Marketer, it is my stint to mention those top websites all over the world from where I’m still learning like Cubicle Ninjas, Storm Brain, Neil Patel, Mad Mind, and much more.

My Story

Azad Khan

From the very beginning, I loved to share my knowledge and experience with the people and always wanted to catch the big audience to engage and to create an atmosphere with them.


One day I’m usually searching on the internet about some techniques to earn money online, even today this topic has hot searches.


Because in today’s time, the number of unemployment in our country has increased considerably.


After searching and reading hundreds of blogs on the internet, I found myself a great medium to share my knowledge with the people and at the same time to earn some pocket money.


And that was Blogging, Yes, That was the greatest decision I have ever made in my life to start blogging.


I started writing plenty of blogs on a platform like Blogger. I have given my precious time on blogging and at the same time faced a lot of failure and many problems too.


As the day passed, I became better in this field after struggling with a lot of problems and issues.


And today, I’m running my successful blog on Growwpedia and even shared my hundred incredible thoughts on Education, Career, and Money throughout my blogs.


Today I have an opportunity to put my experience & knowledge in front of thousands of people. Today I have a number of audiences who are connected with me on my website.


On the other hand, I’m also doing my undergraduate degree in BTech. I always used to ask myself - “Why do I have to study so much? Why do I have to remember so much about the stuff that I’ll never ever use in my life?’’ 


So somewhere this is affecting me to remain consistent with my business.


But I have taken a serious step to give more and more time to my business. A business that has given me fame, money, and most importantly helps me to become a better version of myself at such an age. 


The things that I learned in the past years were insane whether it is blogging, digital marketing, or personal development.


Today I have got a lot of knowledge in the blogging business, I have also helped many people and now I’ve learned how to play the game that I win for sure.


This is all because of the quality information I got from my personal mentors, the books I read, and the secret courses I have enrolled for.

Azad Khan

My Areas Of Expertise

  • > Blogging
  • > Affiliate Marketing
  • > SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • > Video Marketing
  • > Digital Painting
  • > C++, HTML and JAVA Languages
  • > Social Media Marketing
  • > Productivity

How Growwpedia will Help You?

I have a piece of very good knowledge about education and career so that you will find marvelous blogs on this topic.


Even I have hundreds of secret ways to earn money online from the internet. So if you just have a smartphone or laptop with an internet connection with you, I can help you to generate a handsome amount of income.


And that too I share this knowledge through my blog on a weekly basis without any interruption.


So getting in touch with Growwpedia will be going to be very beneficial for you in the future.


The blogs I publish on this site come with a lot of research and in a very accurate format so that you don’t have to go anywhere else.


And if you ever want to ask something or have any doubt related to a particular blog or want to give any suggestion then you can tell us in the comment below or you can also contact us from the contact page.


And If you want to know more about me then you can follow me on my social network.


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