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Azad Khan

Azad Khan

Hey, I'm Azad, I’m the man behind Growwpedia. I’m a Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and have some expertise in SEO.

Also, I’m a student doing my Engineering in Computer Science from Mumbai University.

Many students have benefited from my blogs guidance on Growwpedia in selecting the best career path. additionally, they continue to get a wealth of incredible knowledge through my posts..


In addition to the educational blog, I keep on posting about incredible secret ways to earn money online, So that even a school-going boy can find out the potential to earn from the Internet.


Since I'm also somewhat knowledgeable about blogging and SEO! Therefore, you can find a lot of blogs related to advanced SEO and blogging, which helps you in your profession if you're a committed blogger or want to start blogging.


Below are some of the best handpicked for you!

> How to Become a Blogger? How to Create a Professional Website.

> 5 Daily Blogging mistakes your Business should avoid in 2022.

> How to choose a Profitable Niche for your Blog? (3+ Proven Ways).

As a Blogger, it is my stint to mention all those top websites all over the world from where I’m still learning like Cubicle Ninjas, Storm Brain, Neil Patel, Mad Mind, and much more.

My Story

Azad Khan

I have always loved to share my knowledge and expertise with others, and I have always aimed to reach a large audience in order to interact and establish a connection with them.


One day I frequently looked up Google to find out ways to make money online from the internet; even today this topic has hot searches on Google.


After searching and reading hundreds of blogs on Google, I discovered a fantastic platform to share my skills and thoughts with readers and make some extra pocket money at the same time.


And that was Blogging, Yes, That was the greatest decision I have ever made in my life to start Blogging.

I began writing a lot of blogs using a free website like Blogger. I spent lot of my valuable time in blogging, and also experienced a lot of failure and difficulties at the same time.


After dealing with numerous difficulties and obstacles during the day, I kept improving in this area. And as of right now, I'm successfully managing a popular site like Growwpedia and have shared my hundred amazing blogs on Business, careers, and education till now.


Today I've my own base to share my knowledge and experiences with the people out there. Also, we have lakhs of active readers who are connected with us on our website.


However, I'm also pursuing a B.E. undergraduate degree in Computer Science. I always used to ask myself - “Why do I have to study so much? Why do I have to remember so much about the stuff that I’ll never ever use in my life?’’ 


So in some way, it's becoming difficult for me to carry on with my Bloggings business and Graduation.


However, I've made a decision to devote more and more time to my Blogging Business. a Business that, at such a young age, has helped me improve myself a better version and brought me popularity and financial success.


Whether it was Blogging, Digital marketing, or Personal growth, the things I learned in the past years were insane.


Today, I know a lot about the blogging industry, have assisted a lot of people, and have learned how to play the game that I win for sure.

This is all because of the excellent knowledge I gained through my personal mentors, the books I studied, and the secret courses I have enrolled in.

Azad Khan

My Areas Of Expertise

  • > Blogging
  • > Affiliate Marketing
  • > SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • > Video Marketing
  • > Digital Painting
  • > C++, HTML and JAVA Languages
  • > Social Media Marketing
  • > Productivity

How Can Growwpedia Help You?

You may discover excellent blogs on education and careers here because I am quite knowledgeable about these subjects.


Even I have hundreds of legit methods for making money online. Therefore, even if you only have a smartphone or laptop with an internet connection, I can still help you to make a handsome amount.


And I continue to offer this knowledge uninterruptedly on a weekly basis through my blog. Therefore, staying in touch with Growwpedia will be quite advantageous for you in the future.


You won't need to look elsewhere because the Blogs I post on my website are well-researched and presented in an authentic manner.


Additionally, if you ever have any questions, doubts, or suggestions about a particular blog, you can leave a comment below or get in touch with us via the contact page.


You can follow me on my social network if you want to learn more about me.


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